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Those of you who have worked with us for a while will have noticed that we have completely revamped our website. Our aim has simply been to show more clearly how we can help in the sometimes-complex field of capital Allowances.


Capital Allowances are legitimate

Capital Allowances are a valuable and legitimate form of tax relief, offering considerable tax savings, and their value is greatest in the context of commercial property. If you already own a non-residential property, we will work with you and with your accountant to ensure that you don’t miss out on the valuable tax relief. It does not matter how long ago you bought the property.


Buying or selling commercial property

If you are contemplating the purchase or sale of such a property on behalf of a client, then the earlier in the process we can be involved, the greater the opportunities to protect your interests. Again, we will always work alongside your usual accountant, and in liaison with your commercial lawyers, to ensure that you gain and then safeguard the highest possible tax savings.


Simple Capital Allowances advice

For the accountants among you with whom we have worked over the years, we hope that you will find our new website to be clearer and to offer a growing technical resource for addressing any concerns or queries you may have. As you know, we are always on the end of the line to help one-to-one if that is what you prefer. Give us a call.


Watch one of our bitesize videos

Our experts present straightforward information about everything relating to Capital Allowances.


Worried or confused about Capital Allowances?

If you are an accountant or solicitor who has not worked with us in the past, we can offer you the best possible technical support on all aspects of Capital Allowances. Over and beyond that, however, we also have extensive experience of dealing with other professionals in this field, so we understand the practical concerns you may have.


Capital Allowances for accountants and other advisors

In this blog, we will be addressing a huge range of technical and practical issues over the coming months. So, whether you are concerned about fixtures elections or time limits or commercial property standard enquiries (CPSEs), or whether you are confused about the terminology, or whether you are worried that Capital Allowances claims will create an additional CGT bill (they won’t!), bookmark this space and we will help you to become something of an expert in the field.

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