Why capital allowances need proper consideration in transactions

In our recent Tax Journal article we discuss how FA 2012 introduced the pooling and fixed value requirements, denying allowances to the buyer of a commercial property and to future owners if the vendor does not first ‘pool’ qualifying expenditure.

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Structures and Buildings Allowance (SBA) – Finance Act 2019

Structures and buildings allowances - worth the bother?

One of the big headlines from the Budget last autumn was the introduction of a new type of capital allowance for most commercial buildings and structures.

Four months on, and much of the technical detail is yet to be provided. For the moment, though, this looks like a poor relation of other capital allowances, giving with one hand but taking back with another. The relative certainty and control offered by the plant and machinery regime for fixtures in property remains the much more valuable and attractive form of tax relief and getting the right balance between the two types of allowance will be essential for gaining the optimal tax benefits.

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